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What’s in a name? No, seriously, does someone’s or something’s name really matter? In the grand scheme of things, is there any relevant meaning to names?

There should be. There better be.

Most of us grow up with names given us by our parents, a guardian, or some unlucky sap in the hospital who’s been tasked with such responsibility because mom or dad didn’t want anything to do with us. Yet, our names should convey something of importance to us.

Your dad’s dad’s name. Your mother’s grandmother’s name. Or even the word itself conveys warrior, slayer of demons, or a hero who saved your brother’s life.

Most of us have no idea about the etymology of the names given us. Well, we might know that it was another relative’s name and a way for our parent(s) to honor that person, but the deeper meaning.

Are You Free?

We live in an age where freedom is taken for granted. Woefully for granted. Most of us have absolutely no idea how precious the freedoms we wake up to, never have to (really) fight for, and enjoy are.

Maybe because most of us aren’t actually free anymore. We live in prisons, caves, and holes, not realizing how lost we truly are.

DownWrite Free was designed to help you capture the freedom of life you deserve. Freedom from financial struggle. Freedom from emotional pain. Freedom from the blocks that keep creativity locked up. Freedom from doubt. Freedom from fear.
And so much more.

“Down” represents my daughter, Abbey, who was born with Down syndrome. She’s inspired and taught me and my wife more than we could ever hope to return to her.

“Write” is about the creative life I simply can’t deny or escape. I’ve been to seminars, workshops, professional and unprofessional writer’s groups across the country and learned tough lessons most people don’t warn you about. I almost lost my voice, my persona, my passion. I wouldn’t want someone else not being so fortunate.

Besides, writing is still (arguably) the most powerful creative force on Earth, and we can connect to ourselves and others much more profoundly if we have a better foundation upon which to build.

“Free” is about freedom. Freedom from pain, doubt, worry, anxiety, self-doubt, struggle, uncertainty, and yes, even sin. Oh yeah, and freelancing. That’s kind of a big thing in my world, too.

I am a man of faith. That wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time I hated God and everything He represented (when I would admit He might exist). I was set free by His grace. You don’t have to believe the same as me, though, to feel even the smallest gift that is.

All you need to do is follow along. Be on the journey with me. And understand I was not always the man I am today. I was broken, lost, angry, full of rage, malice, and discontent. I had been in my own prisons, unable to escape.

​Now I live DownWrite Free. And I will tell you, friend, it’s like no other feeling in the world. Care to join me?

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Hi, I'm G. Thomas Hedlund

Author, Editor, Freelancer, and Father to a Blessing with Down Syndrome.

My journey began a loooong time ago. In a galaxy far, far away. When the dinosaurs still roamed. Well, perhaps that was only my dreams... or nightmares. Since then, though, I've learned a few things along the way. Here is where I share some of that with you, and occasionally the pieces of life that beg to be set free and that just.won't.shut.up.

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