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Earn YOUR Worth. Live What You LOVE.

Tips, Tools, and Tactics To Help You Build a SUCCESSFUL Freelance Career from the Ground Up. 

Become THE Master Freelancer YOU Were Born to Be!

Earn YOUR Worth. Live What You Love.

Tips, Tools, and Tactics to Help You Build a SUCCESSFUL Freelance Career from the Ground Up!

Become THE Master Freelancer YOU Were Born to Be!

Top Achievers Turn to the Best Coaches to Win. And Keep Winning.

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You Deserve That Opportunity, Too!


Over 500 million people are trying to freelance today. Trying. Most fail to grab more than a few table scraps. Change your position. Polish your profile. Master your portfolio. And win more work!

Become THE master freelancer YOU were born to be!

Inside this q'ourse, you will learn to:

  • ​Set yourself up (mentally) to win. As with any competition, knowing how to play is vital to winning the game.
  • Build a winning profile and portfolio, so you can showcase your strengths and stand apart from the crowd.
  • ​Put together winning proposals, so you can win jobs at will!

Clear. Concise. Compelling.


Quick Course.

Yes, it really is that simple. G Q'ourses are designed to get you from your starting point to mastering your passion efficiently and affordably.

At your pace. On your schedule.

Experienced. Driven. Responsive.


Following the death of his best friend barely a month before their high school graduation, G. Thomas stumbled through life.

Along the way, he became a top-tier rock musician, accomplished author with a master's degree in the craft, bestselling writer and editor, full-time online freelancer (for over 18 years), and father to Abbey, a blessing with Down syndrome.

Keep up with his journey, learn from his experiences and knowledge, and become just as "DownWrite Free" as he.

self-help books, conferences, workshops, and even webinars throw everything at you at once

Do You Ever Get Lost? Frustrated? Overwhelmed?


Yeah. Been there, done that.

Even with the best intentions, some of the greatest programs, books, courses, workshops, and more fail at this one critical aspect: they throw everything at you in one time (a day, weekend, or what-have-you). Then you have to sift through the mess and try to make sense of it all... later. That's why you give up and never press on.

  • Do you feel like... you always wanted to succeed at this, but didn't know where to start?
  • Does it seem... like you're all alone and have no one to guide you? The Internet's a powerful resource of free information, but again... where do you start?
  • Are you frustrated that... you never seem to finish what you start? Or get going on that dream of yours?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  have no clue who to trust to provide the best information and support to you?

We're all different. We all learn in different ways and at different stages and levels. That's how my q'ourses are built uniquely: to get you learning, growing, and supported through the entire journey.


DownWrite Free

Celebrate Life. Live What You Love. Be DownWrite FREE!

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The world moves at the speed of a click these days. Isn't it nice to just slow down and breathe? Or perhaps grab a few valuable morsels of advice on writing, freelancing, parenting special needs, or whatever else comes to this brain on any given day. 

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Episode 1- <Tap Tap> Is This Thing On?
Everyone's got to start somewhere. This is my first tepid steps into the vastly changing world of podcasting.  Listen To More

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Episode 2- In the Beginning...
We all have to start with what we know. But what if you simply don't know anything about your new passion?  Listen To More

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Episode 3- Naming the Animals
Sometimes, what you need to do is something familiar, and that can move you to more solid ground.  Listen To More


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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Hello? Is This Thing On?

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

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